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Nutibaas sell only technically checked devices and gives 3 months warranty. 
We use only high quality parts for repair and give 3 months warranty on replaced screens and give You 3 months warranty.

Device/repair warranty terms:

• On used device or repair Nutibaas OÜ gives You a 3 months warranty from purchase date, on repair Nutibaas gives 3 months warranty from picking the device up.
• Wrranty is valid only upon submission of a purchase invoice.
• During the warranty period, the defective device / replacement spare part is repaired or replaced for free.
• Nutibaas does not take responsibility for damages caused by defective products such as damage to property or information, loss of turnover or profit.
• This warranty is void under the following conditions: mechanical damage (fall, water damage), violation of the rules or conditions of use of the product, serial number of the product has been altered, removed or unreadable, injuries due to natural forces, accidents or fires, and resulting from unauthorized or unsafe accessories disadvantages.
• If the device turns out to be in working condition or the device is broken by customer's fault, the customer must pay a diagnostic fee.
• The customer must report the problem to the Nutibaas by phone or e-mail shortage before the end of the warranty.

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