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Exchange your old device for a new one

Why bring Your old device to us?
•   You can choose a new suitable device
•   You can buy a new or a used device with this offer
•   The new device price will be cheaper
•   You can get the new one right away
•   There is no need to waste Your time selling on Your own
•   Fast, convenient and secure facility to buy a new one

How the deal will look like?
The whole process will approximately take 10 minutes. We recommend to back-up the device to put information in the new device. For the final price is required to come to our office (Roo 4, Tallinn) to check your old device. Our mechanic will check it, and then we can say the final price. After this, we prepare the purchase agreement and You can leave with a smile on your face while holding Your new device.

For additional info feel free to contact us +372 5669 5820 or

iPhone,iPad, Macbook and iMac prices are changing every time, please contact us for Your device price: Given prices are rough and depends on device condition. Given prices and rough and do not put any responsibilities on Nutibaas. Nutibaas OÜ reserves all rights to change prices and terms without notice.

For price offer please send us request. Your data in this request will be only used for contacting You about price offer or about the device exchange.

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  All works as intended

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