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About Nutibaas

Nutibaas OÜ is a company who sells and repairs new and pre-owned iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac and Apple Watch devices.

Our mission is to make Apple products available for every person, so we offer new and used devices and also fix Your broken Apple devices.

Why you should buy from us?
We have large selection of used Apple devices. We have iPhone’s, iPad’s and Mac computers in different price range. We have a lot of cases and glass protectors for all models!

Why you should come with Your broken device to Mobipunkt?
In addition to selling Apple products, we also repair and maintenance them. We help You with all Apple products (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Watch, iMac) from button change to motherboard repairs and removing the water damages.

•   Free replacement iPhone for repair time
•   We repair and maintenance all Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac models
•   We use only high-quality details and give on our repairs 3 months warranty
•   90% of repairs we do within a day, no more a week long waiting

Flexible solutions
You can bring Your old device and get the new device cheaper. This is possible even if You buy a used device.

All our pre-owned items (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) are:
•   100% in working condition
•   With 3 months warranty (or factory warranty if it is still running)
•   Ready to use (have no sim-lock or passwords)

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